4 Handy Things To Do with a Tape Measure Clip

4 Handy Things To Do with a Tape Measure Clip

When I went out to find a tape measure holder clip to build the TapeMaster I was sorely disappointed. I looked in all the usual places - leather suppliers like Weaver Leather, Amazon (of course), and even woodworking suppliers like Rockler. Nobody had one of the things! So I did what a mechanical engineer and product designer does: I made one.

With my trusty copy of Autodesk Fusion360 and my measuring calipers, I measured some of my favorite tape measure clips on different tool belts. With dimensions in hand I made a model and submitted it to a metal stamping supplier. A few weeks later I had 10 prototypes. Boy was I excited!

tape measure holder CAD

Autodesk's Fusion360 is a handy tool that I use for all my CAD work and toolpaths on my CNC router.


Since those early days, I've made thousands of these little guys and I've found some awesome things to do with them. Basically if you've got a tool with a clip on it, this tape measure holder clip is your best friend.

1. Tape measure quick mount





tape measure clip with tape on bench

 These tape clips fit gold deck screws perfectly, so they can be mounted anywhere. I mounted one on the side of my workbench with a couple gold deck screws. When nothing is clipped to them, they're really low profile so they won't get in the way.

2. Cordless drill storage

tape clip with drills

I don't know about you, but I've got a bunch of different cordless drills around the shop. They're impossible to find when I need them but they always seem to be in the way. Mount a tape measure clip where you use the drills most or make a home for your drills near your charger so you always know where they will be.

3. Marker or pen mount

tape clip with pens 

4. Bottle opener

Okay they don't work that well for this, but it'll do in a pinch.  

Where can I get one?

You've got a couple options. Like I said, these things are difficult to find. If you have an old tool belt that you're ready to throw out, you can often drill out the rivets and get them there. The advantage is that they're already worn in, but the rivets can be difficult to remove.

Another option is to make one yourself. With a little effort, you can make something with some spare metal and a vise in your own workshop. 

If you're into convenience, you can always just purchase one of my tape measure clips. They're made of stainless steel and I have them custom made so you won't find them anywhere else.

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