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Josh Hartung photo
I worked in the trades for years and struggled with tool belts. I find myself doing multiple jobs in a day - in the morning I'm framing, afternoon finish carpentry, evening electrical. Traditional tool belts are massive and bulky or cheaply made and poorly thought out. I went through most of the "traditional" tool belts and never found something that matched my way of working.


I started Holstery to build a lightweight, modular, and ultra-high quality tool belt system that will last a lifetime. I hope you like it.


I'm Josh. I'm a guy in Idaho trying to support his family by making useful things in the USA for people who care about that. This isn't a big corporation and our products aren't just imported from Alibaba. We assemble our products in our small shop, by hand. Because I'm a mechanical engineer we use the newest techniques such as CNC machining, 3D printing, and membrane vacuum forming to make the lightest, most durable holsters you've ever seen.

"We'll make it right"

Our gear is guaranteed for life. Contact us with any problems and we'll make it right.