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Tool Holster 1
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Where can I attach tool holsters & pouches?

  • Any belt or strap up to 1.75in.
  • Edges of pockets or tool bags.
  • ModSlots found on our Jolly Roger, ModRig, and Joey Pro pouches.

What's the difference between the pro tool holsters and the regular?

  • The pro tool holsters & pouches have a metal backer plate and belt clip (milled aluminum backer and a spring-steel belt clip).
  • The regular tool holsters & pouches have a durable plastic backer plate and belt clip (backer is kydex and belt clip is reinforced nylon).
  • Joey Pouch Pro has a metal back plate and belt clip. It also has an extra durable liner (SackArmor) on the inside and ModSlots on the outsides.
  • ModBelt Pro has an extra stiff liner for added stability and velcro on the outside to attach a RipBelt. All belts have metal buckles.


We want to make your life easier so we have a simple guarantee.

  • Lifetime repair or replace guarantee on all items.
  • 45-day money back return for all items.

If you have any problems at all, contact us and we'll make it right!


  • Only carry the tools you need, when you need them, and where you want them.
  • Clip-on tool holsters can attach to your work belt, tool belt, pockets, vest, suspenders, and more.
  • Carry less weight and bulk. Optimize your tool carry for the task at hand.
  • Every kit comes with a CanMaster (Magnetic drink koozie)


MagMaster Pro

Clip-on Magnetic Tool and Hardware Holder

  • No more going back and forth to the toolbox, shoving tools in pockets, constantly setting tools down, and dropping hardware.
  • MagMaster Pro keeps tools and hardware organized and within easy reach, saving you time and sanity!
  • Strong Neodymium N52 magnet reliably holds your tools so you can free your hands.

    DriverMaster Pro

    Clip-on Drill/Driver/Impact Holster

    • Simplifies the repeated action of hanging your drill/impact, especially when on ladders.
    • Eliminates the hassle of a misplacing your drill, ensuring that it's always within arm's reach.
    • Provides a straightforward solution for driver placement, reducing the hassle and time spent hooking on your belt or pockets.

    TapeMaster Pro

    Clip-on Tape Measure Holster

    • A dedicated spot for your tape measure ensuring it's always within reach and not lost.
    • Speedy access to your tape measure without any hang-ups, making your tasks more efficient.
    • Reduces wear and tear on pockets, preventing them from ripping due to frequent tape measure clipping.

    SquareMaster Pro

    Clip-on Square Holster

    • Keeps your speed square right at your hip, making it easy to grab and put back without having to look. It's accessible and always ready for use.
    • Stop dropping your square! Retention claw keeps your square secure and prevents accidental drops.
    • Switch clip to left or right and side to match your preferred carry style.

    HammerMaster Pro

    Clip-on Hammer Loop

    • Low-profile minimalist design, making it almost unnoticeable when worn.
    • Quickly clip on and off, allowing you to easily attach, remove, or relocate it as needed.
    • Great for tasks where only a hammer and and some hardware is required, ensuring your hammer is close at hand without the need for a larger setup.

    CanMaster (Included With Each Kit)

    Magnetic Drink Koozie

    • Securely holds a full can! Sticks to your fridge, tool chest, or damn near anywhere!
    • Keeps drinks cold while you work.
    • Koozie darts with friends.
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