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TapeMaster Pro | Clip-On Tape Measure Holster

TapeMaster Pro | Clip-On Tape Measure Holster

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Where can I attach tool holsters & pouches?

  • Any belt or strap up to 1.75in.
  • Edges of pockets or tool bags.
  • ModSlots found on our Jolly Roger, ModRig, and Joey Pro pouches.

What's the difference between the pro tool holsters and the regular?

  • The pro tool holsters & pouches have a metal backer plate and belt clip (milled aluminum backer and a spring-steel belt clip).
  • The regular tool holsters & pouches have a durable plastic backer plate and belt clip (backer is kydex and belt clip is reinforced nylon).
  • Joey Pouch Pro has a metal back plate and belt clip. It also has an extra durable liner (SackArmor) on the inside and ModSlots on the outsides.
  • ModBelt Pro has an extra stiff liner for added stability and velcro on the outside to attach a RipBelt. All belts have metal buckles.


We want to make your life easier so we have a simple guarantee.

  • Lifetime repair or replace guarantee on all items.
  • 45-day money back return for all items.

If you have any problems at all, contact us and we'll make it right!



  • Eliminate the need to repeatedly search for your tape measure, reducing interruptions to your workflow.
  • Reduces wear and tear on pockets, preventing them from ripping due to frequent tape measure clipping.
  • Provides a dedicated spot for your tape measure ensuring it's always within reach and not misplaced.


    Ever been annoyed searching for your tape measure? Tired of having the pockets of your favorite work pants slowly deteriorate and rip from constant clipping? We we're too!

    That's why the first tool holster we ever made was the TapeMaster. It's like your handy sidekick, always keeping your tape measure close without shredding your pants pockets. Plus, it's comfy to wear, easy to adjust for different tasks, and tough enough to put up with your s#!t. So, say goodbye to those pesky tape measure troubles!


    • Spring-steel belt clip w/retention tab.
    • Clips onto belt, pants pockets, tool bags, and more!
    • Indented clip to help retain tape.
    • Milled aluminum backer is durable and lightweight.
    • NEW! Increased clip clearance to prevent tape from popping off.
    • Low profile for everyday carry. (You forget it's on when there no tape in it.)
    • Milled and assembled in our shop in Idaho, USA.

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