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DriverMaster Pro | Clip-On Drill Holster

DriverMaster Pro | Clip-On Drill Holster

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We want to make your life easier so we have a simple guarantee.

  • Lifetime repair or replace guarantee on all items.
  • 45-day money back return for all items.

If you have any problems at all, contact us and we'll make it right! Email: or call 208-301-6090


  • Simplifies the repeated action of hanging your drill/impact, especially when on ladders.
  • Eliminates the hassle of a misplacing your drill, ensuring that it's always within arm's reach.
  • Provides a straightforward solution for driver placement, reducing the hassle and time spent hooking on your belt or pockets.
  • Helps balance the weight of your driver (battery), preventing drooping pants or belts and minimizes wear and tear on your pants or belts from repeatedly clipping.
  • Easily removable and relocatable, allowing you to adapt your tool setup for different tasks quickly


Tired of bulky drill holsters, setting your driver on the ground, or the precarious act of hooking them directly to pants or belts? So we're we!

Large holsters can be cumbersome and slow you down, while placing tools on the ground can lead to misplacement or unnecessary movement (bending down all day every day). Hooking your drill directly to your pants shreds your pockets fast or risks your drill falling. The DriverMaster, with its durable and versatile design, ensures that your tools are securely attached, easily accessible, and won't wear out your pants or cause undue strain on your back.


  • Spring-steel belt clip w/retention tab.
  • Holds tape measures too.
  • Clips onto belt, pants pockets, tool bags, and more!
  • Milled aluminum backer is durable and lightweight.
  • Low profile for everyday carry. (You forget it's on when there's no drill in it.)
  • Milled and assembled in our shop in Idaho, USA.


If you decide that the DriverMaster Pro isn’t an absolute game changer for your workflow in the next 45 days, we’ll refund you!

If (when) you realize you can’t live without it - we’re here to repair or replace for life! Email us: or call 208-301-6090 M-F, 9-5pst.


  1. Attach the clip: Securely fasten the DriverMaster clip onto your belt, pocket edge, or the lip of a tool bag.
  2. Insert the drill clip: Slide your drill, driver, or other compatible tool clip into the DriverMaster hanger.
  3. Adjust as needed: Depending on your task, easily relocate or remove the DriverMaster to optimize your tool setup, ensuring maximum comfort and efficiency during use


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