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ModBelt | Everyday Tool Belt

ModBelt | Everyday Tool Belt

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Where can I attach tool holsters & pouches?

  • Any belt or strap up to 1.75in.
  • Edges of pockets or tool bags.
  • ModSlots found on our Jolly Roger, ModRig, and Joey Pro pouches.

What's the difference between the pro tool holsters and the regular?

  • The pro tool holsters & pouches have a metal backer plate and belt clip (milled aluminum backer and a spring-steel belt clip).
  • The regular tool holsters & pouches have a durable plastic backer plate and belt clip (backer is kydex and belt clip is reinforced nylon).
  • Joey Pouch Pro has a metal back plate and belt clip. It also has an extra durable liner (SackArmor) on the inside and ModSlots on the outsides.
  • ModBelt Pro has an extra stiff liner for added stability and velcro on the outside to attach a RipBelt. All belts have metal buckles.


We want to make your life easier so we have a simple guarantee.

  • Lifetime repair or replace guarantee on all items.
  • 45-day money back return for all items.

If you have any problems at all, contact us and we'll make it right! Email us or call 208-301-6090 (M-F 9am-4pm PST.)


  • minimalist approach to your tool belt, the ModBelt provides a hybrid solution for every day work environments without compromising tool carry functionality.
  • The ModBelt is designed to be adjusted once, and then you can buckle and unbuckle without needing to readjust every time.
  • The extra-wide 1.75" strap fits in most belt loops and provides great support for holding a variety of tools and accessories.
  • Designed specifically for holding tool holsters and pouches without slipping or loosening.
  • Low-profile look and feel which makes it suitable for professional settings.


    Tired of bulky tool belts or regular belts that don't carry tools well?

    The ModBelt offers a minimalist yet highly functional solution, expertly combining the aesthetics of a low-profile belt suitable for professional environments with the practicality of a tool carrier. With its unique hook-buckle design, you can buckle and unbuckle without hassle. The extra-wide 1.75" strap ensures a supportive and comfortable fit, holding tool holsters and pouches firmly in place. This is our take on a hybrid work and tool belt that simplifies and enhances your routine.


    • Lightweight and strong milled aluminum buckle. 
    • Velcro adjustment up to 4 inches up or down from your ordered size.
    • Buckle/unbuckle without needing to re-adjust fit.
    • Extra wide 1.75in (45mm) thick nylon strap holds your tool holsters and other belt accessories comfortably and securely.
    • No slipping or loosening even under heavy loads.
    • Fits most belt loops. Designed for loops but some people prefer to wear it over clothing with success.


    If you decide that the ModBelt isn’t an absolute game changer for your workflow in the next 45 days, we’ll refund you!

    If (when) you realize you can’t live without it - we’re here to repair or replace for life! Email us: or call 208-301-6090 M-F, 9-5


    *Select size based on your pants size (size guide in FAQ). If you're on the edge, or in-between, order one size up.

    1. Adjust for Fit: On first use, set the ModBelt to your desired size using the inner Velcro . Ensure it fits comfortably around your waist while providing enough support for your tools.

    2. Attach Tools: Securely fasten your tool holsters, pouches, and any other accessories to the 1.75" strap. Ensure that each item is firmly in place and well-distributed to avoid any imbalance.

    3. Buckle and Go: Once set, simply buckle the ModBelt when starting your work and unbuckle when done. Thanks to its set-and-forget design, there's no need to readjust every time you put it on or take it off.

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