The Unreasonable Effectiveness of a Magnet Belt Clip Tool Holder

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of a Magnet Belt Clip Tool Holder

Today is a big day for Holstery. I'm launching a product I think not only fits in perfectly with our other low profile tool holders, it could actually replace many of the other holsters already on your belt, whether you're a plumber, electrician, framer, painter, or all-around handyman-person. It's a super-strong magnet mounted on our Kydex clip frame and it's the first holster that I feel is truly "universal" 🧲🧲🧲.

I first threw together a prototype when one of my instagram followers gave me a shout out and suggested "some kind of holster with a strong magnet in it".

magnet holster suggestion instagram

I started looking around for magnets and eventually landed on the idea of one of the gun magnets which are used commonly for concealed mounting of pistols inside your car or on furniture for quick access. They are cool because they are usually very strong magnets and they have a nice rubber coating that keeps them from damaging the gun. Perfect, I thought, for holding on to tools!

I ordered a bunch of different gun magnets and started to figure out how to put them onto a Kydex backing similar to our tape or hammer holsters but keeping a bit lower profile. The result worked pretty well.

magmaster magnet holder prototypes

Over the next couple months I wore the magnet clip prototype every day just to make sure it didn't have any issues, like accidentally wiping my computer hard drive or causing cancer. I can't speak for the cancer part yet (probably all that plastic dust from polishing holsters is way worse), but I can say that about the worst thing I found was that it tends to stick to the seat belt latch in my truck when I'm getting out. Funny enough it's strong enough to stick you to a metal table as well. Both are just a little tug on your hip and no big deal.

What was weird was that I kept finding new ways to use the silly thing. Originally I figured it would be mostly good for holding some pliers, but over time it became an EDC staple for me. Instead of an all-day carry thing (I recommend dedicated holsters for your all-day tools), I began to think of it as a third hand. It's there to stick something to when you need it temporarily. It's especially good at carrying small parts.

Here are some pictures of the finished holster in use:

magmaster magnet holder on belt

magmaster magnet holder with tools

magmaster with tape master on belt

Here's a couple of cool uses I found:

  • 🔨 🪚 🪛Holding tools, obviously. It's so strong, you can carry even heavy tools like framing hammers and pipe wrenches. One caveat: don't carry knives or sharp tools... I found out the hard way that they're held strongly enough that it's super easy to cut yourself.
  • 🧰 Pliers can be held either handles up OR handles down. Handles down is unique and helpful if you're needing to move around in close quarters.
  • 💅 It will hold two or three strips of framing nails stacked on top of each other. It will also hold an entire coil of roofing nails.
  • 🔩 Dip it in a bucket of screws or nails (or electrical staples) and it comes out with a fistful.
  • 🧲 You can take it off and use it to find hidden drywall screws. the rubber coating keeps it from damaging the wall.
  • 🚗 If you're working on your POS car (or 1979 Ford F250 Camper Special with ancient emission systems like mine), it will hold on to nuts and bolts like a boss.
  • 🪜 It's a great place to put light fixture screws when you're up on a ladder.
  • 🔑 Pop your keys on it while you're carrying groceries (key rings are usually magnetic).
  • 🔫 🔫 🔫 Hold your gun or mag at the range for quick access and to keep it clean.
  • 🗡️ Hold your pocket knife for quick access while you're breaking down boxes (which is 90% of what I use mine for).

The best part was that it's so lightweight and low-profile that you can wear it WITHOUT looking all "holstered up". It disappears when there is nothing on it, so it's always there when you need it.

And like all our holsters, it's assembled by hand in our workshop in North Idaho.  

Click here to check it out.


By popular demand, I've added JUST the magnet to our DIY section here. Now you can attach this super-strong magnet to just about anything and use it to hold onto tools, keys, knives, guns, or whatever.

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