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MagMaster | Very Strong Magnetic Tool Holder

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MagMaster | Very Strong Magnetic Tool Holder


Keep your most-used tools or hardware close at hand - ready to go.

  • Super strong magnet holds anything magnetic from a fistful of screws to a  sledgehammer.
  • Clip it where you want it - belt, pockets, or tool pouches.
  • Never set a tool down or lose track of hardware again .

Work Light and Fast

  1. Order regular MagMaster for belts up to 1.75" and XL for belts up to 2.25". (We recommend XL for clipping directly to pants or tool bags)
  2. Clip MagMaster anywhere onto your belt and quickly secure tools or fasteners for easy access.
  3. Stop setting your tools down between uses and digging around in bags or pockets for fasteners. Start working more efficiently when you have a third hand!

*MagMaster is a strong magnet but it's still a passive retention device. Please use caution when carrying heavy tools and working overhead.

What is MagMaster made from?

Kydex holster frame, N52 neodymium magnet, TPU magnet cover, polycarbonate belt clip, and steel hardware w/loctite.

Will MagMaster wipe my phone?

Modern Smartphones have solid-state memory that is not affected by magnets. The compass in some phones could be affected when the magnet is pressed against it. If this is a concern for you we recommend you simply don’t keep your magnet and phone in direct continuous contact ( like in the same pocket).

Will MagMaster destroy my credit cards?

Possibly if you rub the magnet directly on the magnetic credit card stripes. Avoid this and you’ll be fine. There’s no evidence that it affects chips which most cards use now anyways.

Will I stick to metal on the job site?

Yes. MagMaster is strong. If you brush too closely on metal material you will stick to it. The magnetic pull range is at its strongest 1-2 inches from the surface so it’s avoidable. Most people clip it in a position where it’s less likely to stick while they work and find that the convenience of using MagMaster greatly outweighs the inconvenience of occasionally sticking to a metallic surface. We recommend you exercise caution if you work around automobiles.

What if my MagMaster collects metal debris/dust?

MagMaster will collect metal dust. Some people use it specifically for this when cleaning up. Metal dust can be blown off with an air compressor or wiped off with a rag.

My one concern as a welder is the metal shavings it would pick up, but once every couple of days a quick blow-off with the air hose cleans it perfectly. -Wyatt M.

Will this scuff my tools?

MagMaster has a hard plastic cover to protect the magnet and your tools. Under regular use, you’re unlikely to get any scuff marks.

Is this safe to use with battery-powered tools like a drill?

Yes, but we have a better way to carry a drill.

Can I use MagMaster while working overhead?

MagMaster is an extremely strong magnet but it is not an active retention device, meaning it may release heavy objects. Please use caution and commonsense especially when retaining heavy tools and while working overhead. Always tether!

Tell me more about this super magnet?

There are other belt magnets out there, but we went to great lengths to find a massive N52 Neodynmium magnet that's 3/16in thick and over an inch in diameter. It's backed up by a solid steel plate to focus the magnetic power so that the rated pulling power for this thing is around 10 lbs. It can easily hold a large pipe wrench or a 22oz framing hammer.

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We're committed to making it right. We'll repair any defects in manufacturing or craftsmanship for the life of the product. We're also going to do our best to make you happy even if the failure of the product came from use and abuse. We know our customers and we don't expect you to take it easy on our holsters.

Let us know if you have any problems at all - my team and I will do whatever we need to do to make it right.  

-Josh Hartung
Founder & CEO

All of our products are built or assembled in our shop in Moscow Idaho, USA.

We practice a lean manufacturing philosophy which means:

  • Developing our people is first and foremost.
  • Continuous improvement to our process and ourselves (kaizen).
  • One piece production flow (almost no finished inventory).
  • Quality assurance is everyone's responsibility.
  • We're always looking for ways to reduce waste (overproduction, waiting, transport, excess inventory, motion, defects, people potential).