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TapeMaster: the Tactical Tape Measure Holder
TapeMaster tape measure holster back
tape measure holster on belt
tape measure holster on belt
TapeMaster tape measure holster collection
TapeMaster tape measure holster in box

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TapeMaster: the Tactical Tape Measure Holder

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Who needs a tape measure holder? The people that get things done. The people that make sure things are right. The people who've worn out the pockets of all their jeans with tape measure clips. People like you.

When you're on the job, you carry that tape with you all day because you need it all day no matter what you find yourself doing. I set out to build the worlds best tape measure holster from tactical materials and stainless steel, and that's what you're looking at. It's about time.

I make every one of these by hand in my workshop in Northern Idaho. I don't offer a lifetime warranty anymore because everyone offers a lifetime warranty and it's usually BS. Instead I just say that "I'll make it right". If you ever have a problem, you let me know by emailing me at One simple email and I'll make it right.

-----Why is it better?-----

  1. Holds on like a tiny, tape-measure eating pit-bull. But a well trained one that lets go when you ask nicely.
  2. Battle tested. Replaceable belt clip that was designed to hold firearms. The glass-filled nylon construction has a tang at the bottom to wrap underneath belts up to 1.75" in width, so it stays in place whether you're crawling an attic, getting out of your truck, or chasing down a perp.
  3. Ultralight and indestructible. Kydex construction is hand-formed in my Idaho workshop. The stainless clip is riveted with aircraft-grade hardware.
  4. Lifetime Warranty. I build these holsters by hand (with a little help from my CNC router) from the highest quality materials. If anything goes wrong with one of these, you can trust that I'll make it right.