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Why the World Needs Another Drill Holster

Worker using DriverMaster holster to hold a large cordless drill

We've just launched the much-anticipated DriverMaster, which offers a new way to carry cordless drills, impact drivers, nailers, and more. It clips onto your belt and gives you a strong, low-profile, and easily removable place to hang these tools without strapping on a huge, clunky tool belt.

The problem with drill holsters

Way back when the best drill around was a Makita 9.6v with the stick batteries, I used to run a big floppy drill holster on my tool belt. It worked pretty well and was incredibly convenient to have on my belt instead of lying somewhere under a pile of wood when I really needed it.

The problem came as drill batteries got bigger and the manufacturers started to put them down at the bottom of the handle. While they were easier to set down somewhere, now the drill wanted to fall out of the holster all the time. 

How did they solve this? Oh by adding a strap over the top - and completely eliminating the convenience of a holster. Now you needed two hands to clip the thing in before it inevitably pivoted out while you were up on a ladder and shattered the battery pack on the floor (ask me how I know).

At that point, I basically stopped using drill holsters. Instead I would just tuck the drill into one of the pockets of my huge tool belt rig. Nevermind nothing else would fit anymore.

Drill falling out of cordless drill holster

Engineering FTW!

The clever engineers at Makita, Milwaukee, and Dewalt had a secret meeting in a neutral location. After being searched for weapons and any type of recording devices, they set to work trying to solve the carrying problem. If their customers could just carry their heavy, awkward cordless tools around all day, surely they will buy more!

Prototypes were made, tests were performed, until finally! They settled on a metal clip near the battery which slides onto a belt or pocket. Rejoice! No more did we need floppy tool holsters that take up half the belt. Instead we just hang these massive, heavy tools on our pocket.

Down with ripped pockets

We've been asked this before about our popular TapeMaster tape measure holster: "why would you need a clip for a tool that already comes with a pocket clip". The answer is simple: the edges of pockets weren't meant to carry stuff. Here's some reviews from our TapeMaster:

Well made, I use it daily. It saves my work pants pockets, because I don't clip it onto my belt. -D. Gomez

I wear mine above my front right pocket because my hand knows that's where the tape measure goes. Only now I'm not ripping out my pocket. -Ben T.

Right off the bat. I love this thing. I work in a fab shop and I always carry a tape on me. I’ve ruined countless pairs of paints without it and so glad someone had finally made something to stop the tearing from my pants!! -C. Jimenez

In fact, a lot of customers were using our TapeMaster to carry their cordless tools. The problem is that the TapeMaster wasn't designed for something so heavy. So we designed the DriverMaster to be a bigger and stronger brother to the TapeMaster. We doubled up on the rivets, gave it thicker metal, and a larger target area for quick entry. Take a look:

TapeMaster vs DriverMaster comparison

The result is a new way for you to carry your cordless tools. Instead of lugging around huge, floppy holster, pop this baby on your belt and forget it's there... until you need it of course.

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