6 Surprising Ways to Use a MagMaster

6 Surprising Ways to Use a MagMaster

The MagMaster is a super strong magnetic tool and hardware holder. Here are 6 surprising ways our most polarizing product is put to use. Do these at your own risk (you know which ones). 


1. Firefighters Axe or Halligan

"What’s not to like? The magnet allows me to mount hand tools higher on my body where the long handle no longer interferes with climbing up/down stairs, or ladders. Don’t have to draw the tool up and out like a sword either. Dynamic movement like jumping would require 2 magnets but this device is very convenient." 

-Vincent L.


2. Hardware Collection/Clean up

 "When it's time to pick up nails after roof tear...this is the only magnet to use."

-Abraham M.


3. Tool Pouch Holder

"Working a switchboard? How could you go wrong? All of your tools are in front of you."

- Dave W. 

4. Tape Measure Helper

"Don't have someone there to help hold your tape on a line? No where to hook on to? Tired of running back and forth 100x making sure your tape didn't move? The @the_holstery  magnetic belt clip had me covered. Don't know if it's been used like this yet and if not, then you're welcome. Awesome little trick to help get the job done today. Wish I thought of this sooner."

-Manny S.

5. Slingshot Ammo Holder

"The @the_holstery magnet belt clip is the best thing I’ve found to hold my slingshot ammo that doesn’t weigh down my pants and doesn’t feel heavy. I forget I even have it clipped to my belt most of the time. It’s probably one of the strongest magnets I’ve found yet. Definitely get one if you need something to hold your slingshot ammo or your hand tools! Love it!"

-Bethany P.

6. Pistol or Mag Holder

"No more fighting with mag holsters! Couldn't find a single mag holder I liked so I tried this and it works great. Slim, smooth.. not bulky, and apparently made by a nice guy in Idaho. Doesn't rub against my vest which is also nice. I think it's more for a tool belt but I got a little creative with it. Thanks Bud!"
-Mr. White

Do you have a unique way in which you use the MagMaster?

Let us know!



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