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MagMaster | Very Strong Magnetic Tool Holder

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MagMaster | Very Strong Magnetic Tool Holder

Free Up Your Hands

MagMaster is probably the strongest magnet you can strap to your body. This belt clip magnet is a universal holster, up to the task of carrying your heaviest tools. Hammers, pliers, massive pipe wrenches, fistfuls of nails...

I first prototyped this on a whim when a customer requested it. After using it for a couple weeks, I found myself continually surprised by how useful it was. I don't think you'd want to put something on there to carry around all day - a dedicated holster is better for that. Where it shines is as a third hand.

man holding a pair of pliers held onto his belt by a magnetic tool holster

Here are some weird uses I found for it:

  • Hold screws for a light fixture while I'm up on a ladder
  • Be a place to hold a hammer so I don't set it down and forget it
  • Hold a few Allen keys and a screwdriver while I crawl a basement to work on a furnace
  • Hang onto my phone (I have one of those steel disks stuck to the back) while I talk on speaker
  • Keep my pruning shears at the ready while I'm gardening
  • The list goes on....

Yeah, there are other belt magnets out there, but I went to great lengths to find a massive N52 Neodynmium magnet that's 3/16in thick and over an inch in diameter. It's backed up by a solid steel plate to focus the magnetic power so that rated pulling power for this thing is over 50lb. It can easily hold a large pipe wrench or a 22oz framing hammer.

To top it off, I had a custom rubber cover molded that keeps it from scuffing your tools and provides a bit more grip.

On the back, it's got my new molded LoPro clip made from PC-ABS. This clip eliminates the tang at the bottom of most FOMI clips that eventually digs into your hip. The clip is replaceable, like all our holsters.

Finally, the whole thing is held together by 0.093" thick, USA-made Kydex-T all molded and assembled by hand here in my workshop in North Idaho.

"We'll make it right" Warranty

We make every one of these by hand in my workshop in Northern Idaho. We don't offer a lifetime warranty anymore because everyone offers a lifetime warranty and it's usually a huge pain for the customer. Instead, we just say that "we'll make it right". If you ever have a problem, you let me know by emailing us. One simple email and we’ll make it right.

DISCLAIMER: While MagMaster is an extremely strong magnet it is a passive retention device, meaning it may release heavy objects. Caution should be used when retaining heavy tools while working overhead.

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They'll fit up to a 1.75" belt, up to about 1/4" thick.

Every holster is hand assembled in our shop in North Idaho using parts we build ourselves, and source domestically and internationally.

We use a variety of tactical-grade materials. Depending on the holster, we may use USA genuine Kydex-T or aerospace-grade aluminum for the body. The metal hardware is always stainless steel, and the clips are custom-molded with polycarbonate.

MagMaster has a very powerful neodymium magnet, but luckily most devices now are solid state, so they are unaffected by magnets. As long as you have a solid-state hard drive (SSD), MagMaster is no danger to your computer, cell phone, or any other device.

As for credit cards, there is some potential for damage to the mag strips, so don't be rubbing your credit cards over it. It won't damage the chip inside, which is how most credit card readers work now anyway.

Technically, MagMaster can pull up to 50lb in just the right conditions. Practically, we've had customers carry up to a 6lb sledge reliably. The strength of the hold depends on the amount of steel or iron in the tool you want to hold.

Titanium tools won't stick well unless they have steel parts in them (Martinez framing hammer-style) or you add a piece of steel to stick it to.

DriverMaster is compatible with the integrated tool clips found on many cordless tools. The opening is about 1-7/8" x 1/4" (47mm x 6mm). We've found most clips on Milwaukee, Dewalt, and Makita work fine.

Makita does have a rare extra wide clip that does not fit, so best to measure twice, order once.

All our new product designs start with customers like you making a request. We would love to hear your idea or feedback.

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We're not set up to do custom orders, but if you have a great idea please let us know. ALL our new products come from customer requests, so we really do care about your feedback.

Who knows, maybe you can help test our next prototype!


Pretty much everyone offers a "lifetime warranty" lately and most of them add up to a pain in the 🍑 for you. Instead we just say that we'll "make it right". If you ever have a problem with our products, just let us know and we'll do everything we can to make it right for you.

We don't like paying for warranty parts and we don't believe you should either. We ship 90% of warranty parts for free, except in a few cases for countries outside the US. Contact us and we'll work it out. Our goal is to make it right, not make us rich.

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"We'll make it right"

Our gear is guaranteed for life. Contact us with any problems and we'll make it right.