Introducing the Joey Deluxe

Introducing the Joey Deluxe

The Joey Deluxe: The Quintessence of Luxury Workwear

At the cross section of tradeswork and high fashion, where utility meets opulence, the Joey Deluxe emerges as a beacon of sophistication. This isn't merely a tool pouch; it's an emblem of luxury, a statement piece that whispers tales of refinement. With its unparalleled blend of functionality and elegance, the Joey Deluxe has redefined the standards for workwear accessories, positioning itself as a must-have for the trades professional who values both fashion and function.

A Fusion of Fashion and Function

Crafted from premium bedazzles, the Joey Deluxe is the epitome of luxury. Its sleek, compact design is both blinding and practical, offering an innovative solution for carrying essential tools with an air of "I'm richer than you are". 

Elegantly Complementing Bill's Attire

Consider Bill, a visionary in his field, known as much for his impeccable taste in attire as for his professional achievements. The Joey Deluxe is the perfect complement to Bill's refined ensemble. Whether he's donning a bespoke pocket-t for client meetings or tailored suspenders for casual workdays, the Joey Deluxe enhances his look with its overstated elegance. It's a testament to Bill's belief that one should never compromise on style, especially in the workplace.

A High-Fashion Emblem for the Modern Tradesman

In a world where appearance and performance go hand in hand, the Joey Deluxe stands out as a high-fashion emblem for the modern trades professional. It challenges the conventional boundaries between workwear and high fashion, proving that one can excel in their craft while exuding elegance and FU money. For individuals who navigate the corridors of power with confidence and style, the Joey Deluxe is not just an accessory but a hallmark of their commitment to being totally fabulous.

Can You Afford It?

Can you afford not to? Kindly place your bids here.


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It’s a great topic in Japan!


Wow! I would absolutely rock this on the job site. Put it into production!


As a female…I actually really want this Joey deluxe 😆


Anytime is a Disco Time!!!


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