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HammerMaster | Clip-On Hammer Loop

HammerMaster | Clip-On Hammer Loop

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We want to make your life easier so we have a simple guarantee.

  • Lifetime repair or replace guarantee on all items.
  • 45-day money back return for all items.

If you have any problems at all, contact us and we'll make it right! Email: or call 208-301-6090


  • Low-profile minimalist design, making it almost unnoticeable when worn.
  • Not just for hammers! Holds mallets and hatchets too. It holds a wide range of different styles of hammers, making it a versatile addition to any toolkit.
  • The HammerMaster can be quickly clipped on and off, allowing you to easily attach, remove, or relocate it as needed.
  • Its strong clip ensures it stays in place, minimizing the risk of it falling off.
  • Great for when you don’t want a full tool belt. It's especially useful for tasks where only a hammer and and some hardware is required, ensuring your hammer is close at hand without the need for a larger setup.


Maybe like us you find most traditional hammer loops to be too bulky, uncomfortable, and inconvenient, often digging into the hip or causing tools to hang too low, making access a pain in the a$$.

The HammerMaster provides a refreshing solution with its minimalist, low-profile design. Unlike other hammer loops, it ensures your hammer is comfortably positioned and easily accessible. Perfectly designed to hold hammers, mallets, and hatchets, it clips securely onto belts, pockets, or tool pouches without any discomfort. With the HammerMaster, you get a durable, affordable, and versatile hammer loop that has a pro look and feel.



  • Strong polycarbonate clip that fits belts up to 1.75 inches.
  • Steel hammer loop.
  • Holds hammers, mallets, and hatchets.
  • Clips onto belt, pants pockets, tool bags, and more!
  • Kydex backer is durable and lightweight.
  • Low profile for everyday carry.
  • Assembled in our shop in Idaho, USA.


If you decide that the HammerMaster isn’t an absolute game changer for your workflow in the next 45 days, we’ll refund you!

If (when) you realize you can’t live without it - we’re here to repair or replace for life! Email us: or call 208-301-6090 M-F, 9-5pst.


  1. Clip-On: Attach the HammerMaster to your desired location, whether it's your belt, pocket, or tool pouch.

  2. Insert Tool: Slide your hammer, mallet, or hatchet into the holster. Make sure the tool fits snugly and is held firmly in place.

  3. Easy Access & Removal: When you need to use the tool, simply grab the handle and pull it out. After use, slide it back into the HammerMaster for safe and convenient storage.


You might prefer the HammerMaster if you want smoother rounded edges of the plastic clip for attaching directly to clothing. You might prefer the HammerMaster Pro if you want ultimate durability.

HammerMaster HammerMaster Pro
Belt Clip:
1.75" Polycarbonate
1.75" Spring-Steel
Frame Material:
Milled Aluminum

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