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MagMaster Pro | Magnetic Tool and Hardware Holder

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MagMaster Pro | Magnetic Tool and Hardware Holder


  • Instantly access your tools. Great on ladders or tight spaces Slap your tool on and grab as needed.
  • Super strong magnet ensures tools stay put, protecting you and your surroundings from accidental drops
  • From building a house to hanging up Christmas lights, MagMaster Pro adapts, holding a diverse range of tools and objects, from itty bitty nails to big boy hammers.
  • MagMaster Pro clips effortlessly onto belts, bags, backpack straps, and pockets. Even athletic wear! This means you can move more freely and comfortably, optimizing for maximum efficiency.
  • Stop misplacing tools or fumbling with loose hardware. MagMaster Pro keeps them organized and within easy reach saving you time and sanity!


The MagMaster Pro is an absolute must have for anyone who builds, fixes, or works with tools of any sort. It allows you to keep your tools and hardware right at your fingertips and enhances your tool awareness. Whether you're fixing a bike or building a house, this product is unbelievably handy, ensuring your tools and hardware are easily within reach and without hassle. Its robust magnet is surprisingly strong, holding everything from basic tools to a 6-pound sledgehammer. By adopting this tool magnet, you'll find it's kind of like having a third hand, streamlining your tasks and making every job more efficient.



If you decide that MagMaster Pro isn’t an absolute game changer for your workflow in the next 45 days, we’ll refund you!

If (when) you realize you can’t live without it - we’re here to repair or replace for life! Email us: or call 208-301-6090 M-F, 9-5pst.




  • Safe to use around smartphones.
  • Strong Neodymium N52 magnet (paired with our unique design to boost magnetic pulling power).
  • Milled aluminum frame.
  • Hard rubber cap to protect tools and provide grip.
  • Low-profile for everyday carry.
  • Spring-steel clip w/retention tab that fits any belt up to 1.75in (45mm).
  • Quick to clip-on/off.
  • Milled and assembled in our shop in Idaho, USA.
  • Also known to be used for stud finding, lost tool retrieval, loose hardware collection, and holding samurai swords.


  1. Attach: Clip the MagMaster Pro onto your belt, athletic wear, work vest, or tool bags. Ensure it's securely fastened and comfortably positioned for easy tool access and/or hardware access.

  2. Stick on tools and/or hardware: Place or slap your tools, fasteners, or any other magnetic objects onto the MagMaster Pro. The powerful magnet will instantly secure them, allowing you to keep both hands free for other tasks.

  3. Retrieve and Replace: Whenever you need a tool, simply grab it off the MagMaster Pro and replace it when you're done.

*MagMaster Pro is a strong magnet but it's still a passive retention device. Please use caution when carrying heavy tools and working overhead.